Keynote Speakers

  1. Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Ph.D.

Prof. Josh is a professor at the Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS), Chiba University. He is one of Indonesian scientist who has been a successful researcher with international reputation in foreign country. Although he has given the right to be Japan citizen by the government, he is still retain his nationality as Indonesia to prove his loyalty to Indonesia. He runs the Josaphat Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory (JMRSL) that promotes technologies and science development, and Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS), Chiba University, Japan. He has several patents on his innovation in the field of antennas for communication.

  2. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi

While maintaining his professional as a professor of Technology-enhanced Learning at the National University of Malaysia, he has known as contributor in the advancement of e-learning in Malaysia as the result of his research and innovation in the past few years. The total of 1339 citation of his research outputs is one of prove of his successful career in education field, especially in the area of e-leaning. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi who obtained his degree with 1st Class Honours at the Brock University, Canada was the first recipient of the National Academic Award (Teaching) by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia in 2006, and many other awards in the field of education.

  3. Prof. Andrivo Rusydi, Ph.D.

Prof. Andrivo obtained his professor from the National University of Singapore at his 31 years old. He graduated from University of Groningen, Dutch for his master and Ph.D in 2001 and 2006. His brilliance brought him to be a notable researcher and professor at the National University of Singapore. His main interest is in nanotechnology and nanoscience which is the innovation used by many professionals from various countries. He is also doing his research at University of Hamburg, Germany and has been visiting professor for many universities in Indonesia and other countries.

  4. Prof. Dr. H. Herri, SE., MBA.

Prof. Dr. Herri, SE., MBA. is a senior lecturer at Andalas University, Indonesia. Starting from November 2016, he is elected as coordinator for private university (Kopertis) in Region 10 (Central part of Sumatra). His significant role as a professor at Faculty of Economic has been implied in his new role as Kopertis Region 10 by attending many events and workshops to increase students’ ability in entrepreneurship. This knowledge is worth sharing especially in this social media era which is creativity and competency to seek opportunity are the keys to survive and compete.

  5. Wishnutama Kusubandio

NET TV is an Indonesia rising broadcasting channel. Its strength point is more on fresh and new style of programs. The innovation through high quality program could not be separated from the role of its CEO who gives a big impact on how this broadcasting channel is rising. Wishnutama (the CEO) started his career on broadcasting field by joining one of the big broadcasting company. His excellence brought him to build his own broadcasting channel with innovation and brand new programs.

  6. Rahmat Danu Andika

The use of technology nowadays has brought a big impact on start-up business. has seen this opportunity and uses the technology to build a strong and known online shopping and transaction application. Rahmat Danu Andika, as the head of business partner has a strategic role in increasing the company’s link to maintain the achievement and keep on chasing the targets. It is a knowledge and sharp skill which is good to be shared to retaining the existence in this social media era.